6 Local companies.

You want adventure NOT surprise! Ask a few right questions as you compare. Quality information lets you make good decisions...and Great Memories!


How much and what kind of snowmobiling terrain is offered? Is it on public land that is open to everyone with a snowmobile? Are photos of actual terrain or purchased stock photos?

You want adventure…not Surprise! Don't get caught sightseeing condo developments, circling sagebrush fields, or sharing crowded, bumpy, trails with all the Park City locals on Public land.

4 out of 6 companies have to compete with locals and other companies for terrain and trails on public Land. Public land means more people. Crowds you thought you left back at the resort. Besides, who needs all the extra unexpected riding buddies?

3 out of 6 Park City companies advertise with stock photos of terrain that isn’t their own and even mountain ranges you will never see! Check out websites. Are they next to a city? True backcountry doesn't have houses and highways. Beware if they only show a handful of pictures, if their sites resemble others, or if photos look like they are taken out of a clothing catalog.

Park City's favorite! Snowmobiling at Thousand Peaks gives you Exclusive Access to over 60,000 PRIVATE acres of amazing backcountry on Utah's Largest Mountain Ranch.  More Private Terrain than all snowmobile companies and ski resorts COMBINED!

Imagine your own private Ski Resort only 100 times larger! No Condos, no Crowds and no Congestion. Just your own Huge Private Ranch of open river valleys,wide groomed trails, fresh powder, amazing views and true mountain backcountry... the ONLY ranch where you won't see developments.

All photos are of actual terrain and snowmobiles. No stock photography or PhotoshopTM needed here!

Experience scenic river valleys, Huge open bowls, and the Highest Snowmobiling Trips in Utah (11,000 ft). Breathtaking views all the way to Wyoming.

Are the machines True Mountain Snowmobiles? Are they Brand New?

Cruiser or Clunker? Great equipment is important in any sport but with snowmobiling it is essential! Snowmobile technology improves a lot each year. Old or less expensive snowmobiles are heavy, hurt your back and are hard to drive. Breaking down and getting stuck wastes YOUR day. Look for the new Rider-forward style, 144" tracks and 600cc of fuel injected fun. Be cautious if they offer heated hand grips but they don't have Brand New snowmobiles.

What good is all our "Greatest Snow On Earth" if you are stuck on a clunker?


Our Brand new Ski-Doo Summit snowmobiles were voted #1 "Sled of the Year" for their ease to ride, comfort and performance. These NEW Rider-forward snowmobiles have revolutionized the sport.

From beginner to expert, our top of the line sleds are the easiest to ride and they make snowmobiling a lot more fun...worth investing in the Best!  And... ONLY WE'VE GOT 'EM!!

How much snow do they have? Are they below 7,000 feet? 

4 out of the 6 local companies are below 7,000 feet.  These low elevations not only make for a short season, poor snow conditions and even extra shuttles just to get to some snow... it also means icy bumps, dirt and sagebrush. Powder is scarce. Circling tracked out, dinky meadows called "play areas" just isn't a snowmobiling adventure.

As with skiing... good snow makes all the difference!


At THOUSAND PEAKS we are above the pack...Literally. Our highest elevations (11,000') guarantee you the Longest Season and the Most Snow. Others say they have views of 11,000ft mountains. We are the only ones in Utah who actually snowmobile at these elevations. We also enjoy over 30 feet of Utah's finest powder each year.  

Forget tiny meadows and mountainless sagebrush fields... Our Open River Valleys and Huge "SUPER" BOWLS let you float on an endless sea of Private powder! 

What kind of snowmobiling will you be allowed to do? What amenities are available? Are gas and oil charges tacked on at the end?

You want ROOM TO RIDE! Don't waste your time with companies that stall to make up for lack of terrain, make you backtrack the same trail on the way home or take huge groups creeping down crowded public trails. Planning a great vacation can be tricky. The little time you have is just too valuable to gamble with. You wouldn't play mini-golf on a golf vacation... You want the real thing.  Just ask a few right questions as you compare rental companies. Prices vary little, but companies vary significantly. Quality information lets you make good decisions...and Great Memories!


Awarded "UTAH'S BEST SNOWMOBILE ADVENTURE" we cultivate World Class Service. With our friendly, certified guides...safe, fun adventure reigns supreme.

From beautiful river valleys to the highest peaks, we give you Room to Ride! Cruise private groomed trails, discover winter wildlife, explore giant powder-filled bowls, . You will cover more breathtaking terrain that with any other company... GUARANTEED!!    Ride more, See more...Experience more!

It's all exclusive and all private!   GUIDED SNOWMOBILING AT ITS' FINEST.  

Clothing rental (ie. boots/suits/gloves),backcountry meals, and shuttle service from Park City also available.

Snowmobile just 25 minutes from Park City or 55 minutes from Salt Lake City, Utah. 

For the same price or LESS than others, you get EXCLUSIVE to Thousand Peaks:

  • More Private Terrain than all Park City Snowmobile and Ski Resorts COMBINED!
  • Utah's Largest Private Ranch (60,000 acres)
  • Most Snow - 30' annually
  • Highest Tour in Utah - 11,000' with spectacular views
  • Unspoiled Wilderness...the only ranch with no surrounding developments.
  • Rent NEW -True Mountain Snowmobiles, "Snowmobile of the Year" Ski-doo Summits
  • Upgrade to a 600cc, liquid cooled Snowmobile. Only Here!
  • Highest Elevations = Long season and Best Powder!
  • True Looped snowmobile trails, avoid retracing your tracks
  • Warm helmets
  • NEW! Log Base Lodge and backcountry cabin
  • Most variety of terrain: Huge backcountry bowls, beautiful river valleys and private groomed mountain trails
  • Cover twice the terrain for the same price as others
  • A short drive from Park City or Salt Lake City, Utah 100 West Weber Canyon Road, Park City, Utah 84098
  • Park City shuttle available

Consider what is important to your party, make some calls and compare.

We would love to have you up to Thousand Peaks for and adventure that will be talked about long after the snow melts!

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